My profile pictureSmoking meat was a constant part of my Northern Minnesota upbringing. My father was, and still is, an avid meat smoker. He is fond of saying, “When there is smoke, there is flavor.”

Early on, I learned that smoking meat was a science and an art. I was in awe of pit masters who could maintain a constant temperature in their smoker. It required patience and a little bit of babying the smoker. Every few hours my father would go back to what he called the best smoker grill in Minnesota to make sure that the fire was still burning and that the fire was running low. I cannot count the number of times I heard my father say, ‘low and slow, son, low and slow.

Two decades ago, I purchased my first smoker. All the experience I garnered working with my father helped, but neither I nor my new smoker was as steady as my father. It took some time for me to trust and feel out my smoker and my instincts.

After a few months, I got the hang of things, and I started producing flavorful meats. I enjoy mixing and matching different woods with the goal of producing new flavors.

What drew me to smoking meat as a child and has kept me interested in it for the past two decades is that it requires patience, attention to detail, and a keen desire to get things right.

But when you get it right, the result is meat with unparalleled flavor. Nothing brings my heart as much joy as having my friends, neighbors, and customers come up to me and say, “Joe, that was the best piece of meat I have ever had.”

Smoking meat has a never-ending learning curve. When I think I know everything, I’m introduced to a new technique or a new flavor combination that reinvigorates my thrill for this unique and remarkable style of cooking. My hope is to share some of what I have learned via my smoker grill reviews.  And in case of suggestions or questions do contact me!