Nothing is as relaxing as a day out at sea. However, you will eventually get hungry and need a way to prepare a delicious meal. We analyzed numerous options to come up with a list of the best pontoon boat grills.

These grills have everything that you need to safely prepare a wide array of foods so that you can make the ultimate spread for yourself and your guests.

Between the detailed reviews and the additional information provided, you will be able to narrow down your choices so that once you pick a grill, you can be confident it is the best.

Our Top Pick (If You Only Have a Moment)

Cuisinart CGG-180

Cuisinart CGG180 CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Gas Grill with VersaStand, Red, 31.5" H x 16.5
  • Our Rating
  • 160-square-inch grilling area

    Powerful 5,500 BTU

    Weighs 17 pounds

Camco Grill

Camco 57305 Olympian 5500 Stainless Steel Portable/Rv Grill
  • Our Rating
  • 180 square inches of cooking surface

    12,000 BTU/HR

    Weighs approximately 26 lb.

Kuuma Stow

Kuuma Stow and Go Propane Tabletop and Mountable Grill - Stainless Steel Gas Grill with Foldable Legs | Great for Camping, Boating, Picnics, Barbeques & More |13,000 BTUs - (58130)
  • Our Rating
  • Cooking Surface Area: 160 square inches

    13,000 BTUs

    Weight: 16lbs

10 Best BBQ Grills for Boats:


The Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Grill is small and compact. Because of this, you can use it on boats of all sizes. Choose to use the legs so that you do not even need to find a table to set it on.

It has strong BTUs for its size so that it is able to cook foods as efficiently as possible. Even if you are preparing thicker cuts of meat, they will cook relatively fast.

Since the lid locks, you can move the grill around safely. The grate is porcelain-enameled for optimal heat retention.

What Customers are Saying

Many consumers said that this is the best gas grill for a pontoon boat because it is so compact. You can also set it on the ground or a table.

Other people remarked about its ability to cook a lot at once. You can fit about four chicken breasts at a time, allowing you to prepare a meal for several people quickly.


  • It is ideal for smaller spaces
  • You can cook up to eight burgers
  • The lid latches


  • It might melt at high temperatures


The Camco Stainless Steel Portable Grill is easily portable, making it a good choice for a boat-based barbecue. Since you can use propane tanks in several sizes, you get to choose how long you want to cook before needing to replace the tank.

With 180 square inches of cooking surface, it is easy to prepare meals for several people at a time. Due to its high BTU output, you will notice that meats of various sizes will cook fast for optimal efficiency.

What Customers are Saying

Multiple people said that this is the best portable gas grill for a boat because it is easy to use. As soon as you have it ready, you can learn the functions within minutes.

Other people talked about how it requires little maintenance. This helps to ensure that you always have it ready for use.


  • You can move it around easily
  • It cooks up to six burgers at a time
  • The BTUs are high for its size


  • The smoker plate may crack prematurely


The Kuuma Mountable Gas Grill is easy to use and keep clean. There is a grease tray that you can remove so that you just dump the grease, rinse it out and put it back into the proper slot.

You will not have to assemble this grill so that you can start using it right away. It is possible to use this with a mounting kit so that you can easily attach it to the side of your boat with ease.

This grill is made of stainless steel. This ensures that it will not start to rust prematurely due to water and sea air.

What Customers are Saying

Several consumers like this stainless steel boat grill because it will not rust. This makes it ideal for taking it out on the water.

Many other people talked about the size of it. They said that you can place it anywhere, making it a good choice for a smaller boat.


  • It heats up fast
  • Wind rarely blows out the flame
  • You can use it for large meals


  • The legs may be slightly uneven


The Flame King Mounted BBQ can be mounted on the side of your boat so that it does not move around when you are using it. It has retainer pins so that you can be confident that rough waters will not cause it to shift when you are cooking.

You can connect this to an LP gas system so that you can use the grill for a long time without needing to worry about refueling.

It has a relatively large grate so that you can prepare several different foods at the same time. The handle on the lid remains cool so that it is safe and easy to operate the lid when you are using the grill.

You are able to adjust the flame. Because of this, you can be confident that your foods are always cooking at the right temperature.

What Customers are Saying

When it comes to the best marine grills for a boat, this is one of them, according to consumers. They said this because the components are durable and will last.

Other people talked about how efficiently it cooks. You will not have to wait a long time for your foods to get finished.


  • You can connect the fuel source quickly
  • It is easy to move around
  • Mounting it does not take long


  • It would benefit from a larger warming rack


The Magma Marine Kettle Grill has a very shiny surface, making it stylish and a good addition to any boat. This material is stainless steel so that you do not have to worry about premature rusting and other structural problems.

The handle stays cool when you are using the grill so that you can close and open the lid safely. You also do not have to worry about the lid slamming due to the design of the grill.

Use the lid to shield the grill against the wind when you are cooking. This helps to further reduce the flame going out due to wind.

What Customers are Saying

Multiple people said that this gas grill for a boat heats up fast. You will not be waiting long to start the cooking process.

Other people said that it is easy to use. The controls are simple, and you will not have to spend a lot of time performing maintenance.


  • The flame stays lit
  • Cleaning it is easy
  • Due to its size, you can place it almost anywhere


  • It takes a little longer to heat up compared to similar grills


The Dickinson Marine Stainless Steel Grill has an octagonal design. This shape makes it very easy to fit foods of different sizes and shapes onto the grate. With this shape, you will also not have to worry about your foods cooking unevenly so that everything comes out exactly as you want it to.

This grill is made from stainless steel so that you will not have to worry about it breaking down prematurely. There are legs that help to make it a freestanding grill if this is what you prefer. With its roll-away hood, it is easy and safe to use.

You will be able to clean this grill quickly when you are done using it. This is thanks to the drip tray that is easy to slide out of and into place when you need to empty it.

What Customers are Saying

This marine-grade portable BBQ is a good choice for any boat due to its size. It is easy to find a place to put it, according to those who use it.

There are others who talked about how easy it is to keep clean. You only need a few minutes after it cools to tackle this.


  • The design makes it easy to use
  • You can clean this grill quickly
  • It comes with legs


  • It may take slightly longer to cook larger cuts of meat compared to similar grills


The Magma Products Stainless Steel Grill features legs that are oversized and they also fold away. Because of this, you can easily transport this grill to your boat if you do not want to leave it on board.

The radiant plate snaps out so that you can clean this grill with ease. When in place, it ensures that you are getting a constant and even distribution of heat so that all of your foods cook evenly.

The stainless steel body has a mirror finish to it. This makes this grill stylish and it also ensures that it is protected against the elements so that you do not have to worry about rust.

What Customers are Saying

While exploring marine barbecue grill reviews, this one often came out on top. People said that it is very easy to use and maintain.

Other people said that it always cooks foods evenly. Because of this, you never have to worry about cold and hot spots in your foods.


  • It is very compact
  • The features are easy to use
  • You can mount this grill quickly


  • The hardware could be higher quality


The Masterbuilt Tabletop Propane Grill has 205 square inches of cooking surface, allowing you to prepare a nice meal for multiple people. Since there is an additional rack, you can keep foods warm while you are waiting to serve them.

This is a compact grill that will fit onto any tabletop. Its U-shaped burner ensures that the total cooking surface is the same temperature so that all of your foods cook quickly and evenly.

The legs do fold. This ensures that it is easy to move this grill around when you are done using it. Because of this feature, this grill is also portable.

You will get a lot of power from this grill. You will not have to worry about your foods taking a long time to cook. This ensures that you can prepare different foods simultaneously so that you and your guests never have to wait long to eat.

What Customers are Saying

This is one of the best portable grills for boats, according to consumers. It can fit a lot of food, but it is still easy to place almost anywhere.

Other people said that it is easy to use. There are not a lot of controls, so you will adjust fast when it comes to using it properly.


  • The materials are durable
  • It is easy to ignite this grill
  • You can place it on almost any tabletop due to its compact size


  • The flame may sometimes get too low


The Coleman Camp Propane Grill is versatile and provides plenty of cooking space to prepare food for several people at the same time. With a high BTU output for its size, you always get the level of cooking power that you need.

Due to the technology that this grill uses, you will save on gas while maintaining efficiency when you are using it. There are panels that help to block the wind so that your flame does not go out when you are cooking. Even in more extreme conditions this grill will perform well and remain efficient.

What Customers are Saying

Many consumers were impressed with the ease of use of this grill. They felt that it was practical, but also very flexible.

It fits a lot of food at once, according to consumers. Because of this, you can prepare larger meals efficiently.


  • One propane cylinder gives you about two hours of cooking time on high
  • It is easy to use
  • Cleaning this grill only takes a few minutes


  • The burner may fire unevenly with extended use


The Char-Broil Portable Propane Grill is easy to carry around with you. It has handles on the side that let you move it around with ease. Take advantage of the legs so that you can easily set it onto any tabletop.

The frame is a high impact so that you can be confident that this grill will be durable. Its cooking system helps to ensure that the fire will not flare up when you are cooking, ensuring an even and consistent temperature.

The firebox is made from aluminum for optimal durability. There are stainless steel latches on the front so that the lid stays closed when you are moving it.

Use the temperature gauge so that you always know what heat level you are cooking at.

What Customers are Saying

This portable boat grill can easily be stored and used on any boat. According to consumers, this is due to its convenient size.

Other people mentioned how well it cooks foods. Even if you are new to grilling, you will find this grill simple and efficient.


  • You can use propane tanks of different sizes
  • The cooking area is large for such a compact grill
  • There is a temperature gauge


  • The regulator may fail prematurely

Tips on Choosing the Best Boat Grills

When it comes to finding the best boat BBQ grill, there are two things that you need to do. The first is to learn how to pick a grill by using the right tips. Secondly, read detailed boat BBQ reviews so that you can see what real people have to say about the grills that are on the market.

best boat grillsPick the Right Materials

Water and sea air can cause certain metals to rust a lot faster. Because of this, you want to ensure that the grill that you choose is not vulnerable.

Pick one that has stainless steel elements, especially the housing, and the burners. This will help to keep the components in good condition even when you use the grill frequently.

Choose the Right Fuel Type

When you are on a boat, there are fewer obstacles keeping the breeze at bay. Because of this, charcoal grills can work, but it can sometimes be more difficult to keep them lit, especially on very windy days.

If you are planning on using the grill a lot in various wind conditions, it is best to pick a grill that is fueled by gas. These tend to stay lit better even when there is a lot of wind happening when you are using it.

portable gas grill for boatPush Button Ignition

This type of ignition can make it a lot easier to start your grill and get it fired up. You will not have to try and keep a match lit when it is windy on your boat.

With this type of ignition, just push the button and the burner will light up and start heating the grill.

Consider the Best Form Factor

This refers to the shape of the grill. For the most part, this is up to you and will depend on your personal preference. The primary choices include rectangular and round.

With a rectangular one, it can be easier to space food out when you are cooking it. These also tend to be larger. However, round grills might be easier to place, especially when you are on a smaller boat.

Boat Grills FAQ

When you are looking for a grill for your boat, if this is your first time shopping, you surely have some questions. Exploring these further can help you to make the best decision.

How Do You Pick the Right BTUs?

Think about the fuel that you plan to use and how much power you want the grill to operate at. Since boat grills tend to be relatively small, 5,500 BTUs are generally sufficient.

This will ensure that your grill gives you enough power to get your foods cooked quickly without any hot and cold spots. This is also compatible with most of the propane tanks that will fit on grills that are the right size for boats.

Should You Choose an Infrared Barbecue?

These types of barbecues are relatively new to the marine world. This type uses radiant heat waves. It has either stainless steel or ceramic plates that will transfer the heat from the grill to your foods.

These are more modern, and they definitely get the job done. However, if you are just making basic foods, sticking with a propane grill on your boat is likely the best option.

Is a Push Button Ignition Necessary?

On a boat, this can make a big difference and save you a lot of time. If you have to light your grill manually, this can be hard to do on a boat since there is little that blocks the wind. With this type of ignition, you will not need to light, and use matches to get your grill going.

Must You Mount Your Grill to Your Boat?

This can increase safety when you are using it because when the water is rough, you will not have to worry about your grill sliding around. However, you can choose to not mount your grill if you want it to remain portable and something that you can move around your boat whenever you need to.


With all of the information that you have read here, it is time to make your decision. One of the best BBQ grills for boats is the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Grill. It uses gas so that you do not have to worry about the sea winds making it difficult to light charcoal.

The legs fold away so that you never have issues finding space to store it when you are not using it. Its single burner operates at 5,500 BTUs, giving you plenty of power to prepare an array of foods, including thick cuts of meat.

This grill only weighs about 13 pounds, allowing you to move it around without any issues. The lid does lock so that it does not come open when you are moving it around.

The grate will retain heat well. Because of this, none of your foods will come out with hot and cold spots.