Are you in the market for a new grill? Are you unsure what grill will best suit all of your grilling needs? If so, we are here to help. We have found some of the best natural and propane gas grills, on the market, for under $2000 , and we have reviewed them to help you make the right purchasing decision for your needs.

However, we realize that you might need more information than just reviews when purchasing one of these grills.

Therefore, we have also provided an additional buyer’s guide and FAQ section to ensure that you have all of the information you need to help with your decision making. Let’s get started in finding the right grill for you!

Our Recommended Premium Natural & Propane Gas Grills

Best Natural Gas Grill-Napoleon P665RSIBNSS Prestige 665

Napoleon Prestige P665 BBQ Grill, Stainless Steel, Propane Gas - P665RSIBPSS With Infrared Rear And Side Burner, Premium Barbecue Gas Cart For Grilling Masters - Rotisserie Included
  • Our Rating
  • Primary cooking area: 665 sq. in.

    Total cooking area: 1140 sq. in.

    92, 000 BTUs

    Burner: 5 burners (+ Infrared Side and Rear Burner)

    Product Dimensions 26.5 x 75 x 50.25 inches

    Item Weight: 253 pounds

Best Propane Gas Grill-Kenmore Elite PG-40415S0LC

Kenmore Elite PG-40415S0LC Stainless Steel 4 Burner Outdoor Patio Gas BBQ Propane Grill With Side Burner in , Gun Metal Grey
  • Our Rating
  • Primary cooking area: 580 sq. in.

    Total cooking area: 754 sq. in.

    60,000 BTU

    Burner: 4 burners (+ Side burner)

    Product Dimensions: 61.8 x 27.1 x 47.9 inches

    Item Weight: 183 pounds

Best Natural Gas Grills Under $2,000:

Here, we have compiled reviews on six of the top natural gas grills available on the market to help give you a wide range of options to help you decide which one will make the best purchase for your needs.


Napoleon has an excellent reputation for manufacturing quality grills, and this is one of their top natural gas grill models.

Napoleon designed this model with a lift ease roll top lid that helps to make it easier to keep an eye on the food. Plus, it has an added rotisserie section, which makes it easier to cook different types of meals at the same time as your regular grilling experience.

This grill comes with a total of 5 stainless steel burners, which helps you regulate the temperature of the grill to different degrees easier.

It will allow the grill to reach a higher temperature for other types of grilling, and finally, this grill comes with stainless steel iconic wave cooking grids that are designed to help the heat from the burners reach the right spots of the food being grilled.


  • Has a lift ease roll top lid
  • Has an internal rotisserie section
  • Stainless steel iconic wave cooking grids
  • Has 5 stainless steel burners


  • Interior storage space limited by two support bars

What Consumers Are Saying:

Many consumers who were looking for a high-end grill found that this might be a more expensive grill, but they liked that the grill has 5 stainless steel burners and iconic wave cooking grids.

However, a few have expressed their unhappiness with the interior storage space of the grill being limited by two support bars placed there.


Blaze Grills is a well-known manufacturer of different grill types, and this is one of their top natural gas grill models.

This model was designed with a push and turn, flame-thrower primary ignition system, which makes it easier to lite the grill than other types of ignition systems. The grids are designed to be flame stabilizing, which helps to prevent random flare-ups that could be a fire hazard.

The entire grill is designed from durable stainless steel, and it even has a backup ignition system, which makes it excellent for people who like having a backup plan in case the main ignition is having issues.

This grill is designed with 4 burners, which makes it easier to reach hotter temperatures and sustain the heat for longer.


  • Has push and turn flame-thrower primary ignition system
  • Has flame stabilizing grids
  • Backup ignition
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel


  • Minor issues with flare ups

What Consumers Are Saying:

Many consumers who purchased this grill were looking for the best built-in gas grill for under $2,000. After purchasing this model, they liked the flame stabilizing grids and the high-quality stainless steel construction.

However, a few consumers have expressed having minor issues with flare-ups.


Broil King has been manufacturing grills more many years, and this is one of their Pro series natural gas grills. They designed this grill with durable stainless steel rods and reversible cast-iron grids that make it easy to clean after every use.

The burners are also made from stainless steel, and the grill has a Flav-R-Wave stainless cooking system, that is designed to help ensure the flavor of whatever you are cooking on the grill.

As a top-rated manufacturer, Broil King has also provided several warranties with this model to help with their customer’s peace of mind. The cooking grinds, Flav-R-Wave, and burners are all covered by a 10-year warranty, and all of the remaining parts are covered by a 2-year warranty.


  • Durable cooking grids made with a stainless steel rod and reversible cast-iron grids
  • Has stainless steel dual-tube burners with a Flav-R-Wave stainless steel cooking system
  • Comes with a 10-yer warranty on cooking grids, burners, and Flav-R-Wave
  • Comes with 2-year warranty on remaining parts


  • Poor delivery and customer service experiences

What Consumers Are Saying:

Most consumers that purchased this grill were looking for the best grill under $2,000 that they could find, and after their purchase, they have expressed their love for the durability of this grill and the quality of the warranty that is provided by the manufacturer.

However, a few consumers have expressed a few issues with the delivery company used for this model.


Lion has worked hard over the years to build up its reputation of being a top grill manufacturer, and thanks to those efforts, they have succeeded.

This is one of their top natural gas grill models, and they have provided their customers with excellent customer service in getting over any hurdles that might arise with this model. Keeping that in mind, they designed this model to have 5 cast stainless steel burners to assist with temperature control.

They have also included an XL commercial temperature gauge that you can check without having to purchase a separate temperature gauge with this model.

Finally, this model has been equipped with an infrared rotisserie back burner, which makes it easy to grill and rotisserie things at the same time.


  • Has an infrared rotisserie back burner
  • 5 cast stainless steel burners
  • Has XL commercial temperature gauge


  • Takes a while to clean

What Consumers Are Saying:

Many consumers have expressed that they have enjoyed this built-in natural gas grill, and they like that it has an infrared rotisserie back burner and five other stainless steel burners. However, some consumers have expressed minor issues with the grill being difficult to clean.


American Outdoor Grill is a well-known manufacturer of grills and other outdoor cooking appliances, and this is by far one of their best natural gas grill models.

When designing this model, they added a rapid liquid piezo ignition that is meant to assist in making a faster and easier igniting experience.

Most of the grill is made from quality 304-grade stainless steel, which is safe for food prep while being one of the strongest food-grade stainless steel types.

On top of that, they have also included stainless steel vaporizer panels that are meant to help minimize the number of flareups that occur while cooking.


  • Has rapid liquid piezo ignition
  • Has stainless steel vaporizer panels for minimizing flare-ups
  • Made from 304 grade stainless steel


  • Minor issues with customer service

What Consumers Are Saying:

Many consumers liked that this natural gas grill was made in the US, and they love that the manufacturer used quality grade stainless steel for the construction of the different parts.

However, some consumers have expressed having issues when contacting the manufacturer’s customer service department.


Weber is one of the top grill manufacturers, in the industry, and this is one of their top 4-burner natural gas grill models. It has several factors and features that push it over competing models.

First, this model comes with 4 stainless steel high-performance burners. This means that you will be able to adjust your temperature to higher degrees.

It has a quality grease management system that is designed to make it easier to keep the grill grease-free and cleaning faster.

It has an infinity ignition that makes lighting the grill easier than other grill models, and finally, this grill model has a large cooking surface, which is perfect for larger family grilling experiences. However, with the burners, it can be adjusted to cook smaller meals as needed.


  • 4 stainless steel high-performance burners
  • Quality grease management system
  • Large cooking surface
  • Infinity ignition


  • Takes a long time to assemble

What Consumers Are Saying:

Most consumers that purchased this grill were looking for the best natural gas grill under $2,000, and this model is a top-rated Weber grill.

Consumers enjoyed the large cooking surface and the quality grease management system. However, some consumers have expressed having issues with the assembly process of this grill model.

Best Propane Gas Grills Under $2000:

Now, we will focus on propane grills. The difference between natural gas and propane gas grills mainly vary base on your personal preference on which type of fuel use you prefer to use. So, if you are a natural gas type of person, here are some reviews on the top four natural gas grill models that we have found.


Kenmore is one of the top manufacturers in the industry when it comes to designing quality propane gas grills, and this is one of their top models.

This model is designed with four stainless steel burners, and it also has one side burner, which makes the grill excellent for not only grilling but also cooking other things to go with your grilled meal.

Kenmore realizes that assembling a grill can be difficult, and therefore, they have designed this model to be delivered already ninety-percent assembled, which helps those that are not adept at putting things together.

Finally, they have provided stainless steel side shelves and surfaces to make it possible to prepare your food all in one area.


  • Has 4 stainless steel burners and 1 side burner
  • Comes 90% already assembled
  • Has stainless steel side shelves and surfaces


  • Minor issues with customer service

What Consumers Are Saying:

Most consumers that have purchased this grill agree that it is the best 4 burner propane grill for under $2,000.

They like that it came 90% assembled, and the stainless side shelves that make it easier for them to prepare the food as they need. However, they have expressed having a few minor issues when contacting Kenmore’s customer service department.


Monument Grills is classified as a top grill manufacturer, and this Clearview propane gas grill model is designed for those that are interested in cooking on a propane gas grill. It has a large cooking area, which makes it perfect for any type of grilling party, whether it is a small or large family gathering.

The entire grill is made from stainless steel, except the cooking grates are made from cast-iron and have a porcelain coat to make them easier to clean.

With this model, they have added 1 stainless steel slid burner and a stainless steel sear side to help create an entire meal on the grill and not just the food that you have to cook on the grill itself.

On top of that, the grill itself has a total of 4 burners that allows you to have better control of temperature while cooking.


  • Cast-iron cooking grates with porcelain coat
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Large cooking area
  • 4 stainless steel burners, 1 stainless steel sear side, and 1 stainless steel slide burner


  • Minor issues with delivery services

What Consumers Are Saying:

Many consumers that purchased this stainless steel gas grill enjoy the quality of the cast-iron grates and the solid stainless steel construction. However, some consumers have expressed having minor issues with the delivery service used by this manufacturer for this model.


Char-Broil is one of the top grill manufacturers on the market, and they are known for producing quality grills on the lower-budget side.

However, this model is one of their higher-end models, and it is designed with four 443-gauge stainless steel tube burners and a single side burner for cooking other types of food to go with the grilled portions.

Plus, it has a large cooking area that has porcelain-coated cast-iron grates that make it easier to clean after using them.


  • 1 side burner and four 443 stainless steel tube burners
  • Large cooking area with porcelain-coated cast-iron grates
  • Porcelain-coated warming rack


  • Difficult to assemble

What Consumers Are Saying:

Many consumers that purchased this grill agree that it is the best-infrared LP grill, on the market, and they love the large cooking area that it provides and the porcelain-coated warming rack.

However, some consumers did find that this model was a little difficult to assemble compared to other models.


Dyna-Glo has worked hard for years to build up their reputation in the grill manufacturing industry, and this is one of their top Propane grill series.

This grill comes with a 3-piece stainless cooking grate and warming rack system, which provides a large surface area for cooking and keeping food warm throughout the entire grilling process.

It comes with a single side burner, which is perfect for sizzling your BBQ sauce, and it has 5 stainless steel commercial grade tube burners that produce a large variation in the heat for different types of grilling experiences.


  • 3 piece 7mm stainless steel cooking grates and warming rack
  • Easy to access tank and full storage cart with 2 doors
  • 5 stainless steel commercial grade tube burners and 1 side burner


  • Not entirely constructed from stainless steel

What Consumers Are Saying:

Most consumers that purchased this grill were looking for the best 5 burner propane grill, and those that did purchase it liked that it has a large storage car underneath and the number of burners that this grill has.

However, they did mention that some of the construction was not made from stainless steel.

Factors to Consider When Buying Expensive Grills

Buying a grill can be a complex decision, and several factors should be considered when you are searching for the right grill to meet your needs.

In this section, you will find information on some of these factors that will help ensure you are purchasing a grill that will meet all of your needs, and you will not have to base your purchasing decision on hearsay from others that might have different priorities.


Napoleon P665RSIBNSS Prestige 665 Infrared Side and Rear Burners, Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill, sqOne of the most important factors that should be considered when purchasing a grill is the material that was used in its construction.

Most grill bodies are made from stainless steel or they are coated with steel to increase its durability.

Stainless steel construction is one of the best options when looking at the body of a grill, but a grill with a coated steel will also hold up, as long as it is taken care of properly.

Plus, grills with a coated steel can provide you with color options that stainless steel cannot. The material of the grill grates is also very important.

Most grill grates are made from either cast-iron or stainless steel. Once again, stainless steel grates tend to have more longevity compared to cast-iron because cast-iron grates tend to crack or chip, over time.

Number of Burners:

When people think of burners, they usually think of their stove and how many different pots of things they can cook at the same time. However, with a grill, the number of burners indicates the different temperatures that you can cook at.

The more burners you have the more control of grill temperature you will have. Plus, if the grill has more burners, you will be able to adjust the space you need for indirect cooking a lot easier, as well.


Lion Premium Grills 90814 40" Propane GrillThe portability of your grill may or may not be an important deciding factor for you.

Many people never need to take their grill with them to other places. However, this is not the only reason you might need your grill to be portable.

You may just wish to move the grill from one part of your yard to another for different grilling situations, but if your grill has low portability, this might not be an option.

When you are considering if a grill is portable, you should first assess the weight of the grill and then the maneuverability of the grill. There are ways of getting around a grill that weights a lot.

For instance, you might want to assess if the grill has wheels to help move the grill, but the weight will also help to ensure that the grill is sturdy and will not easily tip over, which could be a fire hazard.

Grills Under $2,000 FAQ

Now, here are a few questions that you might find yourself asking when looking through the reviews and buyer’s guide above.

Do I need a grill with more than 2 burners?

The need for more than 2 burners will depend on the type of grilling that you plan to do. The more burners you have the more options you will give yourself to grow in the future.

Is portability important for a larger grill?

The answer to this question depends on if you consider portability to take the grill with you on travels or just moving from one place to another in your yard.

You should always consider a grill with wheels or a lighter weight grill if you think you will ever need to move your grill for any reason.

How do I choose between the different grill manufacturers?

The best advice to give about manufacturers is to look at their different grills and read reviews, especially on their customer service. A grill is a device, which means anything can go wrong even with a top-rate manufacturer.

However, if a manufacturer doesn’t offer some sort of warranty or guarantee on their grill, you might want to consider a different grill manufacturer. After all, if a manufacturer will not stand behind their product, then who will?


As stated above, several factors need to be considered if you plan on purchasing the right grill for you. After reviewing all of the above grills, the best natural gas grill on the market is Weber 67006001 Genesis II S-435.

It provides the most features to assist in the best grilling experience. However, whether you are looking at a natural or propane gas grill, you need to know what you want and require.

Now, if you are more interested in a propane gas grill, then we highly recommend the Kenmore Elite PG-40415S0LC as the best propane gas grill.

This grill has a side burner and four grill burners, which make it excellent for cooking all kinds of food. However, as stated before, you need to know what your wants and needs for a grill are before making your final purchasing decision.