Warm nights are the perfect time to gather friends and family for an outdoor meal. Having the best electric outdoor BBQ grill is imperative for a great experience for all people who attend.

Here you will learn about the electric grills that will take your dinner parties to the next level. In this article, I will show you the grills that will benefit you most and how to evaluate them so that you pick the best one. The best one means delicious foods and easy cooking.

Let’s dive right in and explore the grills that will make you the envy of your neighborhood.

Our Top Recommended Electric BBQ Grills

Our top three electric BBQ grills include the Weber 1400 Electric Grill, George Foreman Outdoor/Indoor Electric Grill and the Char-Broil Bistro Electric Grill.

The Weber has 189 square inches of cooking surface while the George Foreman and Char-Broil each have 320 square inches of cooking surface. This is plenty of space to prepare a whole meal at once. However, the grills are small enough to sit on a small patio.

All three grills offer a constant temperature so that you are getting the results that you need for a variety of foods types. Their durable cooking grates further ensure a constant temperature even when you are grilling for long periods of time.

Foods do not stick to the grates to make cleanup simple. Their materials are durable so that you can use the grills often without them breaking down.

Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill

Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill, Gray
  • Our Rating
  • 189 square-inch total cooking area

    1560-watt electric heating element

George Foreman Outdoor-Indoor Electric Grill

George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, Silver, GGR50B
  • Our Rating
  • 240 square inches of cooking space

    1,600 watts for a high heat level

Char-Broil 20602108 Patio Bistro Electric Grill

Char-Broil 20602108 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill, Graphite
Product ImageProduct NameSurface (sq.in)WattsTo Review
Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill, Gray1. Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill1891560
George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, Silver, GGR50B2. George Foreman Outdoor-Indoor Electric Grill2401600
Char-Broil 20602108 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill, Graphite3. Char-Broil 20602108 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill3201750
George Foreman GFO201RX Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, Red4. George Foreman Electric Grill200N/A
Cuisinart Grid-180SAL Indoor/Outdoor Grill, Black5. Cuisinart Indoor-Outdoor Grill180N/A
Techwood Electric BBQ Grill 15-Serving Portable Grill for Outdoor and Indoor Use, 18 inch Tabletop Grill, 1600W6. Techwood Electric BBQ Grill2401600
Americana Portable Utility Tabletop Electric Grill7. Americana Portable Electric Grill1641500
Masterbuilt MB20150618 MEG 130B Electric Veranda Grill, Red8. Masterbuilt Electric Veranda GrillN/A1650
Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill, 120V9. Kenyon All Seasons Electric Grill1551300
Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill with VersaStand10. Cuisinart Outdoor Electric Grill1451500

List of 10 Best-Rated Electric BBQ Grills on the Market Today:


The Weber 1400 Electric Grill is among the best small outdoor electric BBQ grills. It features a large cooking space to save you time when you are making full meals.

The grates on this grill are made from cast-iron or optimal durability. They also have porcelain enamel on them to further their durability while also preventing items from sticking to the surface.

The body and lid parts of this grill are made from cast aluminum. This material is resistant to rust so that you can leave your grill outside without issue.

It has a cord that is six feet long so that you can reach an outlet without a problem.Once you receive it, it is ready to go as there are no assembly requirements.

What Customers are Saying

There are tables to hold your items, according to many consumers. These are on the side of the grill to give you a place to hold tools and prepared foods.

Other people talked about the grilling space. It is fairly large, letting you get your whole family’s meal done at the same time.


  • There is no need to create a flame
  • The cord measures six feet long
  • It has a high wattage


  • It might be difficult to assemble


The George Foreman Outdoor/Indoor electric grill lets you prepare as many as 15 servings at once. This makes it a good choice for dinner parties and other activities where you are cooking for multiple people.

There is an indicator light for the temperature. You also have a lot of control over the temperature to ensure that all of your foods cook at the proper temperature.

This grill comes with a stand that you can use to set it up. This is a single leg, so it does not take up any additional space on the sides of the grill. Use the temperature control to get the right level of heat. Take advantage of the heating consistency so that all of your foods cook evenly.

What Customers are Saying

Multiple people said that this is the best indoor/outdoor electric grill because you can maintain it easily. Cleaning only takes a few minutes after you use it to prepare a meal.

Other people talked about how easy it is to control the temperature. You are always getting the precise heat level that you need.


  • It is the perfect size for an apartment
  • Food does not fall through due to the grate’s design
  • This grill heats up fast


  • The power plug may become loose over time


The Char-Broil Bistro Electric Grill provides 320 square inches to prepare all of your favorite grilled foods. There is also a warming rack that measures 120 square inches to keep your prepared food items warm before you serve your guests.

The cooking grates are comprised of premium materials. This ensures durability and an even level of heat when you are cooking. Their enamel coating will make sure that foods are not sticking even when you cook them slowly over a longer period of time.

Use the knob to easily control the temperature to the exact level that you need. The shelves will fold up so that you can store this grill in a smaller space.

Many of the materials are resistant to rust, including the cooking grates. Because of this, you can be confident that this grill will have a long life even if you cook on it often.

What Customers are Saying

Many reviewers said that this infrared electric barbecue grill offers consistent temperature. You can always get your foods prepare to your specifications. Other people mentioned the cooking space. There is a lot of room to cook larger meals for entertaining.


  • You can assemble it fast
  • Your foods come out with a pure flavor
  • The cord is relatively long


  • With frequent use, it might start to lose some heat


The George Foreman Electric Grill can prepare enough food to feed 12 people during a single cooking session. All of the items that you make will be exactly to your specifications due to this grill’s adjustable temperature control.

Due to the slope of the grill, the fat moves away from your foods to make them healthier. There is a drip tray that collects this so that cleanup is fast and easy.

The coating on the grates provides a non-stick surface. All of your foods can be moved and flipped without issue. This also helps to ensure easier cleaning once your food is done.

What Customers are Saying

Multiple people said that these electric outdoor cooking grills are easy to use. Once you get it, you can figure out all of the controls very fast. Other people talked about how easy it is to clean. Once the grates cool, just wipe them off to maintain them.


  • The temperature is variable
  • You can use it at an apartment
  • The grate size is good


  • The temperature could get a little hotter


The Cuisinart Indoor/Outdoor Grill is a griddle and a grill in one. The cooking plate is reversible so that you can decide which side that you want to use. When you are done cooking, you can remove the plate and put it into the dishwasher for cleaning.

There is a lot of cooking space with this grill. Since you can adjust the temperature between 200- and 400-degrees Fahrenheit, you can use this grill for almost anything.

The lid has a handle on it so that it is easy to remove. It will always remain cool to the touch for optimal safety.

What Customers are Saying

Several consumers liked that you can use it as a griddle or a grill. This greatly expands the type of cooking that you can do with it. Other people said that this is a great small electric grill for a balcony. You can put it on a wide ledge or a tabletop due to its small size.


  • The grate is non-stick
  • The temperature control probe is adjustable
  • Its handle remains cool to the touch


  • It can be a bit wobbly


The Techwood Electric BBQ Grill lets you cook for large groups of people. There is a lot of grilling space at 240 square inches. You also get a warming rack to place prepared foods so that they do not get cold before serving them.

This is meant to be a tabletop grill. It is easy to move around, making it ideal for activities like camping or something similar.

The lid has a venting system. Use this to make sure that your meats stay juicy since it allows for the effective dissipation of heat during cooking.

What Customers are Saying

Several electric patio grills reviews about this item talked about the cord length. It is very long, exceeding 60 inches, making it easy to plug in almost anywhere.

Other people mentioned putting it together. It does not take long, so you can start using your grill within about an hour of getting it.


  • The assembly instructions are very easy to understand
  • This grill is portable
  • You can remove the temperature regulator and indicator


  • It is not as efficient as other electric grills


The Americana Portable Electric Grill gives you 164 square inches of cooking space and 1,500 watts. These features ensure that you can keep a stable temperature while cooking a full meal.

There is a thermostat so that you remain in control of the temperature. You never need to worry about things like cold or hot spots.

The grease cup grabs the fat that moves away from the grill. This just dumps out to ensure easy cleanup after a grilling session.

What Customers are Saying

Several electric barbecue grill reviews regarding this grill said that this one accommodates a lot of food. They were able to cook at least four steaks at the same time. Other people mentioned the grease cup. This helps to keep things clean when you are grilling different foods.


  • You can put it together fast
  • It holds a consistent temperature
  • The small size makes it easy to use almost anywhere


  • The materials could be more durable


The Masterbuilt Electric Veranda grill has a very low chance of overheating due to its built-in thermometer. It also maintains a stable temperature due to its variable temperature control.

All of your food will cook evenly on this grill. It heats up fast and ensures that characteristic grilled flavor is left on all of your foods.

The cord has a solid reach so that you have options regarding where you plug this grill in. Since there is a latch on the lid, it remain attached to the body for easy opening and closing.

What Customers are Saying

There are a lot of electric patio grills on the market, but this one stands out due to its large capacity. According to multiple consumers, you can cook for up to 10 or more people at a time using this grill.

Other people said that it is easy to clean. The construction materials wipe off fast and easy.


  • You can assemble it fast
  • Fit almost 30 hot dogs on it at a time
  • It heats up fast


  • The cord could be longer


The Kenyon All Seasons Electric Grill has digital heat settings, making it easy to maintain the perfect temperature every time. The grates are non-stick ensuring that you can quickly move your food around no matter what temperature you are cooking it. This also allows for excellent grill marks on your foods.

The electric element is concealed so that you do not have to worry about grease causing flare-up issues when you are cooking. This also alleviates most of the smoke that can occur when you are preparing food.

The lid on this grill is insulated so that it keeps the heat trapped inside for better temperature stability. It takes under seven minutes for this grill to get heated up and ready for use. You can choose for it to turn itself off automatically after 60 to 90 minutes.

What Customers are Saying

When it comes to good electric grills, this is one of the top choices, according to several reviewers. You get plenty of power from it. Multiple people talked about the temperature that you get from this grill. You can get it to operate at more than 550 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • The outer shell is durable
  • It cleans up quickly
  • You can learn how to use all of the elements in less than a day


  • You might need to buy a stand or a cart separately


The Cuisinart Outdoor Electric Grill is portable, allowing you to take it almost anywhere with you. For example, use this grill when you are camping or tailgating before a big game.

Despite its portability, you can fit a lot of items on the grate. Since the grate is porcelain-enameled, you do not have to worry about foods sticking to it. They move around easily, and the grate is easy to clean once it cools off.

This grill only weighs 17 pounds. The outer materials are durable and can withstand frequent use. You only need a standard wall outlet to use this grill, making it easy to find a place to plug it in.

When you are ready to use it, you do not have to do any assembly. Simply get the lets into position and lift the lid. From here, it is just a matter of finding the right temperature for what you are planning to grill.

What Customers are Saying

Several consumers said that this grill is the best choice if you are looking for the portable one. You can move it around your outdoor space or take it places with you. Other people mentioned the temperature consistency. You can get the right temperature and keep it easily with this grill.


  • The burner is very durable
  • You can sear meats with this grill
  • It is easy to keep it clean


  • Other grills of a similar size have more power

Factors to Consider When Buying Outdoor Electric Grills

It is important that you know how to evaluate these grills to ensure that you make the best choice. The first step is to read these outdoor electric grill reviews so that you are aware of the best ones on the market. From here, learning a bit more about their features will help you to make your final decision.

Easy Starting

You want your grill to power up quickly when you are ready to use it. Getting one that has an easy starting mechanism will make this possible. Ideally, you want to be able to operate the switch and have your grill warmed up and ready in under five minutes.


If you are going to be preparing a lot of foods that have specific time requirements, consider getting a grill with a timer. This will just make the cooking process easier and more convenient for you.

Temperature Control grillTemperature Control

It is imperative that you are always cooking at the right temperature.

When you get a grill that has a thermostat and different settings for temperature, it is far easier to ensure that you are always getting the right amount of heat for the foods that you are preparing.

Non-Stick Surfaces

electric barbecue grill reviewsWhen you are grilling, few things are worse than your foods sticking to the grates. When this happens, the foods start to pull apart which makes it much harder to cook them evenly. You are always left with a big mess when your foods are sticking to the grates.

Look for electric grills for steak that have grates that do not allows food to stick. It will speed up your cooking time and when you need to clean the grill, it will be a far easier experience.

Grill Size

There are two things to consider regarding the size of your grill. The first is the cooking surface. Ideally, you want to be able to prepare a full meal for your family at the same time. The second size factor is the total size of the actual grill. It should easily fit exactly where you want to place it in your outdoor space.

Best Outdoor Electric Grills

Outdoor Electric Grills FAQ

Now that you have read several outside electric grill reviews and learned about the features to look for, you are almost ready to make your purchase. The next step is to check out a few common questions and answers to make sure that you have all of the information that you need to make the best choice for your next electric grill.

Is It Safe to leave Your Electric Grill Outside?

Yes, you can leave your grill outside. You can also use it during all types of weather. Just make sure that the outlet that you use to plug the cord into is dry. It is also recommended that you cover it when you are not using it to help to protect the outer shell.

electric patio grills

Are Electric Grills Better Than Gas Grills?

It ultimately comes down to a matter of preference. However, with an electric grill, it is generally easier to control the temperature since there is no open flame. You use a knob to regulate the temperature, allowing you to have greater control. You do not have to deal with the unpredictability that can come with fire.

Are Electric Grills Healthy to Cook On?

Electric grills can serve as a great tool when you are working to eat healthy. You can prepare a variety of items in the way that best meet your needs. There are no gas smells or open flames to taint the taste of your food either when you use an electric grill.

How Do You Clean an Electric Grill?

The owner’s manual for the specific grill that you choose will provide the details about how to keep it clean. However, the general recommendation is that you wait for it to cool completely and then wipe it down. You only need to use some water and soap for this purpose. Be mindful of the electrical components while you are cleaning.


The best electric BBQ grill is one that fits your needs and preferences. It is important that you explore features like the cooking surface size, the materials used and the wattage to come to the best decision.

The Weber 2400 Electric Grill is the best on the list. It has 280 square inches of cooking surface and provides 1,560 watts. Due to these features, you can prepare entire meals while enjoying heat consistency and cooking efficiency.

This grill also does not need any assembly, allowing you to start using it as soon as you take it out of the box. The cord is six feet in length, giving you some space to move it around as needed.

All that is left for you to do right now is make your purchase. When you are using a great electric grill, you will notice an immediate difference in your grilling experiences