You have carefully put in the time and effort needed to smoke a brisket perfectly. It’s finally ready and it’s time to slice it and have a taste, but how should you do it?

We can all agree how devastating it can be to end up with a tight and stringy brisket after putting in all the effort. Don’t you agree?

A typical full packer brisket is made up of two overlapping muscles, the point and the flat. This makes the process of cutting a brisket a little tricky, but not so complicated.

Good news! I will take you through how to cut brisket to avoid any distress.

How to slice brisket

Before we get started, it would be wise to mention that there are several ways of slicing a brisket. The best way to slice a brisket may, therefore, be dependent on a variety of issues. However, there is also a wrong way to do it. Make no mistake. Now that we have all the facts, shall we begin?

Step1: Cut the brisket into two sections

Step1: Cut the brisket into two sectionsThe first step will be to take your perfectly rested brisket and cut it into two. Recall the two muscles, this step will help you separate the flat from the point.

Make sure the cut precisely between the two sections and make sure it is done against the grain.

Before moving to the next step, if there is excess fat on the top of the brisket, trim it off.

Step2: Slice the brisket flat

Before you start to slice the brisket flat, it is advisable first to cut off the hard, dry tip that is often overcooked. This will also avoid having burnt ends.

Then, using your correctly sorted brisket knife, slice the brisket flat. I will share a few factors on what makes a good brisket knife later on. No worries.

Step3: Slice your point in half

Next, you are to cut the point section in half widthwise. Preferably, turn the point into a 90-degree angle and have it sliced into half.

Step4: Slice the brisket point into pieces

Onto the fourth step. You will need to slide the point section into pieces. Make sure you do it against the grain. Therefore, take the time to survey the brisket before you start slicing it carefully.

If possible, it will be awesome to maintain the thickness of a no. 2 pencil while doing the slicing. Not too thick, not too thin.

Step5: Serve and dine

Finally, with all said and done, your brisket is ready. If you have carefully followed the steps as outlined above, your brisket should still feel moist, soft and juicy. You might not even need to serve it with sauce.

In any case, serve your brisket and enjoy it as you please.

Brisket slicing knife

To successfully slice your brisket, you will need the right tools to do the job. It is essential to note that merely having the best procedure can only do you so much. You will need to match that knowledge with the best brisket slicing knife.

best brisket knivesFirst, consider a knife that is smoothly serrated on the edges to allow a smooth slide through your brisket. You don’t want your brisket squishing and tearing into shreds all over.

Right? A serrated knife may at first seem challenging to sharpen, but with time, it should get more comfortable.

Secondly, consider the length of the knife. The best will be long enough to take your entire brisket in one fell swoop. Unless you want to first make tiny chunks to slice through, the longer, the better.

Thirdly, consider a knife that comes with a guarantee. In all honesty, the best brisket knives are quite costly. After all, you get what you pay for. If possible, make sure you get some guarantee if the knife does not meet up to your standards. If possible, go for a money-back guarantee.

Finally, it will be a massive advantage on your side if you get a knife that includes a good quality carving fork during purchase. This will save a lot of your time and money, having to purchase the two separately.


To conclude, how to cut brisket is a technique equally as crucial as how to smoke a brisket. The process has to be deliberate and careful to avoid messing up the entire brisket.

Just as mentioned above, without the right tools, you are doomed to fail. Take enough time to carefully consider the available choices in the market before you make your pick. Remember to go through all the critical elements of a good knife at hand.

With the right tools, all you need to do is follow through the step by step guide on how to cut brisket, and you will be just fine.